Product nameMZ-ZK-A-Z Double wire automatic submerged arc welding trolley
Updated DateMarch 10, 2015
Functional features

Data parameter


Rated input voltage of travelling mechanism

Servo motor DC110V

(permanent magnet)

Rotatable angel of cross beam±90°
Rated input voltage of  wire feeding mechanismServo motorDC110V(Permanent magnet or

electric excitation

 for optional)

Torch inclination45°
Welding speed range0.2-1.5m/minRotatable angel of the tractor head45°
Wire feed speed range0.55-6m/min Flux container volume   6L
Wire diameterФ1.6-2.0Wire spool capacity 2×  20kg
Rated current of the power source0-45°Overall dimension
(Lx Wx H)
1000  × 450 × 1020
Adjustable height of crossbeam100mmWeight  54kg
(does not include wire )
Adjustable distance of tractor head100 ×100 mm
(Vertical and horizontal)

Structure diagram


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