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Recruitment website

1A technical engineer has been released.

2If you want to download a resume in the job resume library. requires an average of 9 recruitment currency, recruitment currency 1 yuan.

3、Free recruitment.

4If cooperation with, need to pay 8 yuan / day cost, cooperation period of 1 years, can help refresh the recruitment information every day, 1 years a total of more than 1 thousand copies of your resume download.


1.Free experience time: 28 days.

2.Number of Posts: 10.

3.10 copies can be downloaded from their own resume

4.Advertising: channel city recruitment headlines 4 weeks.

5.Unlimited post resume after posting job, unlimited search resume.

Hunting hire network: registration information audit


1、Free trial 15 days, can release the recruitment information, Download 5 resumes .

2After the probation period with its cooperation, you need to pay 3280 yuan / year membership, you can publish the post of 120, download the resume of the week, recruitment advertising for the week 18.. free release 10 position..



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